A Real Estate Marketplace

Are you looking for the best opportunity to build or expand your real estate portfolio? Blocities has made this possible with a simple, intelligent, user-friendly platform. Anyone can easily invest in real estate and tokenize their assets using the Blok token, the native token of our Blocities platform.

Future of Real Estate Investment

Buy and Sell Easily

Blocities has allowed interested investors to engage in real estate connections and transactions faster and smarter, while linking up title companies, escrow, sellers, and buyers all on a customer-friendly blockchain-driven platform.

Own Fractional Property Assets

With intuitive property search features, you can acquire fractional, tokenized property assets via the Blocities real estate marketplace in minutes. Investors can now pool funds together to buy properties that they might not be able to afford alone.

Build and Expand a Global Real Estate Portfolio

It’s not just about investment, it’s about easily documenting your properties and building an unhackable digital property portfolio. Property ownership, documentation, and transactions have been made frictionless in a one-in-all blockchain-driven platform.

Property Management

Manage your property assets efficiently on the Blocities platform. Through our effective property management platform, we have made the process of buying and selling to be as smooth and user-friendly as possible.

Digitize and Tokenize Home Pictures (NFT)

With the Blocities NFT shop, you can turn your home picture, photos or any other art form into a unique digital valuable asset to sell on blockchain. Creating your own NFT is now possible on our NFT marketplace.

Media and Partner

Why Blok Token?

The Blok token is an asset-backed token with substantial intrinsic value on the Blocities platform. Use our token to access suitable and opportunistic investments in the real estate industry.

In-house Currency

Blok Token is the native currency of the Blocities platform

Assets Management Service

With Blok token, anyone in any part of the world can pay for the Blocities services.

Tokenizing Property Assets

With Blocities, investors can earn interest, build cash flow, receive dividends, and a share in the equity on tokenized properties.

Digital Exchange

Easily transact with Blok token for any form of exchange.

Marketplace/Auction Fees

We guarantee low fees to market/auction property assets

Fractional Ownership

With blok token, anyone in any part of the world can buy/own a fraction of tokenized real estate properties.

Our Team

Hue Tran

UI/UX Designer

Luom Nguyen

Blockchain Developer

Ibrahim Ali

Full Stack developer

Temmy Mathew

Project Manager

Phuong Truon

Full Stack Developer